Welcome to Der Kafer Rennfahrer (DKR) VW Drag Racing Club

Der Kafer Rennfahrer (DKR), loosely translated as 'The Beetle Racers', is a club for VW enthusiasts who are passionate about drag racing. The club is mainly based in the south of England but since its birth in 2009 it has spread to all areas of the UK, even having members in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The club is open to any Beetle, Type 3, Buggy or Ghia that is street legal and that has run a 14.99 second standing quarter mile or quicker. The DKR also welcomes alternate engine vehicles. There are five levels of membership; Red for 14.99 seconds or quicker, Amber for 13.99 seconds or quicker, Green for 12.99 seconds or quicker, Platinum for 11.99 seconds or quicker, and Platinum plus for 10.99 seconds or quicker. Each member proudly displays a sticker with their membership level colour on it.

It is easy to spot a DKR member when at a show as only members are eligible to wear a DKR T-Shirt, Jumper or Jacket. Our members are a friendly bunch and share a lot of Banter but you will always find us in the pits helping each other.